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The images of the game are being utilized under the fair use clause, with nonprofit purposes and as visual aids about different themes found in the forum. It is strictly forbidden to use them for profit. Link, Hyrule, the video games series of "The Legend of Zelda" belongs to Nintendo. The Legend of Hyrule / Zelda Cavern is not licensed by or related to Nintendo. The work of this website is from fans to fans.


Several of our members are striving to bring quality content, checking the source when necessary. Also, there are sections where they are allowed the construction of essays and original theories, is considered plagiarism if you take the text (even if it is just a part) and publish it without giving credit to the original author; please, even if you just paraphrase it, be sure to mention the address of the blog or forum topic from where you took it. It is one thing to mention you read something, it is another is to give all details making it sound like you created it. We are not very strict about sharing our stuff, we only ask for respect while doing so.


There are many people who have cooperated to give the current appearance to the forum. We have exclusive designs made by our users, as well as images taken of pages of free resources. Every image in this forum that somehow violates the rights of others has been placed unintentionally and will be removed immediately if we are given notice and proof.

  • Link smilies
    These emoticons were created by Hana-Nezumi. Since then, these emoticons have even been altered to change colors, animated them and recreate other emotions. Due to overuse, the author now calls for him to be given due credit if used. Emoticons we have today in the forum were mostly taken from Zelda Legends. Kurobatto, Cressel ShiroMZM and other users have increased our repertoire by adding new emoticons original and diverting from this base. If you see in our boards a smilie that does not appear in the original ZL package, it most likely was created for this site.

Please, do not just take our designs!

If you find in other communities that some graphics look suspiciously like our ones, let us know immediately. Several icons we use have been created with love and effort for our community. They must only be used with the author's permission and giving written acknowledgment of them as the authors in their website.

Thanks for reading. If you have other questions or something to report make sure to contact us.