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Serious Discussion Is the Wii U dead?

Discussion in 'Wii U' started by Kaynil, Jul 5, 2017.


Is the Wii U dead?

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  1. Kaynil

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    Apr 14, 2015
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    Ever since the release of the switch console and Breath of the Wild for both platforms, there has been some online debate regarding the status of the Wii U.

    The same console that people were loud about Nintendo flopping and how they should abandon ship is now often talked around on how Nintendo better not pull the plug on it just yet or how by comparison the Switch doesn't offer much to jump on it.

    Nintendo has ceased production of the console, however there are a few games still being cross released for it, but it feels like Nintendo has decided to focus
    their efforts on the Switch and 3DS. The Wii U is on its way out, but at what point will you consider it dead? Is it when the switch was released? Is it when iy stops beimg manufacyured? Will it be after the last game (even ports) being released for it?

    Some people feel like the Wii U, despite its low-comings was given a fair timeframe and it is a good thing to move on while other people feel unfairly left behind just when the console was passing the struggles and getting the good stuff - like Breath of the Wild, the game that many Wii U owners waited through the years and compelled more than a few of them to adopt the system early on.

    So who decides when a console is dead: the fans or the company?

    How do you feel about this situation?

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